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Have you ever wondered???

Sometimes, when I am driving or walking, I look at other people–like the drivers waiting at the red light across the intersection, or the mother of three trying to herd her children through the local Trader Joe’s, or the older … Continue reading

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Vietnamese Kalbi?

During a 2011 trip to LA’s Koreatown, I was unnerved by the number of pho restaurants that had popped up.  Korean pho?  WTF?  But if Korean-Americans can expand into rarefied pho territory, then it’s only fair to acknowledge that Vietnamese-Americans … Continue reading


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Giving and Receiving

Note: This post is not about food. I recently read a post by my friend Jason, a blogger at Daddyinastrangeland and a good friend from college, about his encounter with a man in need of assistance.  The man was homeless … Continue reading

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The Commune

Tonight, for dinner we had homemade fish tacos: seasoned cod, tomatillo salsa, Mexican crema, pickled red onions, and guacamole, with margaritas. It was delicious and refreshing on an unseasonably warm March evening.  And I didn’t make any of it.  In … Continue reading

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Leftovers? Roll them!

Ever since the birth of our first-born nearly 7 years ago, we have learned to love leftovers. As new parents, having enough for another meal without shopping, cooking or cleaning was an unimaginable luxury–doubly so now that we have two … Continue reading

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Multi-culti breakfast

One of the many uses of fried shallots: on a bagel with cream cheese!

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Bun Bo Xao — Vermicelli with Beef and Lemongrass

This is one of my favorite go-to dishes during the week. It is relatively easy to make and can be eaten at room temperature so there is less rushing around at the last minute.  But more importantly, the ingredients are … Continue reading

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Karma can be a b-tch

My mom still periodically brings up her memories of me as a picky eater–the skinny, tiny Vietnamese girl who wouldn’t eat much meat or poultry. She remembers being overwhelmed with concern for my health–though I must point out that it … Continue reading

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Canh: the wonder soup

Nearly every Vietnamese meal is accompanied by a steaming bowl of canh–a clear-broth soup often made with a protein and some vegetables.  Vietnamese aunties and grandmas will urge you to have some canh to rebalance your chi, chase away colds, … Continue reading

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