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Vacation cooking

Many people go on vacation to escape the everyday, including cooking. They go to luxurious resorts or hotels and eat out daily, sometimes for all three meals.  The Soup-er family doesn’t do that. Ever since we’ve had children, we have … Continue reading

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Losing the elephant

It took me nearly six months to plan our trip to Vietnam.  Airfare, lodging, transportation, tours, visas, itinerary–it all took a while to come together.  Add to that all the complications of traveling with a large group that included 4 … Continue reading

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The Untangling

It’s been a month since we’ve returned from Vietnam and I haven’t been able to compose a decent post to document any part of the experience.  The combination of post-vacation catch up and juggling hasn’t left much time for thought … Continue reading

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Time and place

This is our third and final day in Hanoi and I’ve been trying to figure out these feelings of déjà vu.  I’ve been here before many times, many years ago. Back then I never ventured very far from the Hoan Kiem and Old Quarter, … Continue reading

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Fine dining

When I was growing up, fancy meals were the stuff of wedding Chinese banquets–or rather, Chinese-American versions of the ten course meals complete with a large platter of lobster with scallion and ginger at the end. (Please don’t ask me … Continue reading

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“The best vacation ever”

“This is the best vacation ever.” Those were the words spoken by Soup-er Boy about our recent trip to Tulum, Mexico. High praise indeed from a well-traveled seven year-old.  This trip marked our family’s first trip south of the border, … Continue reading

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Family: the food, the bad, and the ugly

We recently visited my family in LA, and as usual, the visit churned up a host of conflicting emotions. I have never had the best relationship with my mother, whose perspective and understanding of life is so very different from … Continue reading

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