Have you ever wondered???

Sometimes, when I am driving or walking, I look at other people–like the drivers waiting at the red light across the intersection, or the mother of three trying to herd her children through the local Trader Joe’s, or the older but still active woman who lives somewhere nearby and walks down the hill everyday to run errands–and wonder what their lives are like. Like a nosey neighbor, I wonder: Are they single or married? How long have they lived around here? Do they have children? Are the children well-behaved? What do they do for a living? What other countries have they visited? Are they happy? But above all else, what do they eat for dinner every day?

Perhaps someone has even looked at me and wondered the same things. In the spirit of satisfying some of that curiosity, here’s what I had for dinner the last seven days:

Saturday: takeout sushi
Sunday: veggie samosas, rice, dahl, aloo gobi, paneer and gulab jamun (catered at a Chhandika event)
Monday: wonton noodle soup (homemade with post and recipe to follow soon)
Tuesday: tortellini in a cream sauce with mushrooms and sausages and bruschetta with ricotta, roasted tomatoes and prosciutto (courtesy of Next Doors)
Wednesday: banh xeo (homemade with post and recipe to follow soon)
Thursday: tilapia with chili lime butter with quinoa and asparagus (courtesy of Next Doors)
Friday: banh xeo (hooray for leftovers!)

What have you eaten lately? And are there other things that you often wonder about strangers? Do share!

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4 Responses to Have you ever wondered???

  1. eliaday says:

    I wonder the same thing sometimes…. not what the eat necessarily, but often why other people are out and about during the weekdays. I’m usually out on the weekdays if I’m working nights or weekends sometime that week.

    As for what we eat? Well, it’s not super exciting. Mostly, I’m eating rice and stir-fried tofu. And my daughter is eating home-made shake-n-bake, pasta and sweet potato fries.

    A student suggested to me recently that your culture is what you serve your kids to eat. I have no idea what this means about me and my daughter.

  2. anjalimd says:

    Hey, be a good neighbor, will ya, and hyperlink the Sunday dinner to Chhandika’s site! And I’ll be posting the Next Doors meal shortly, so you’ll be able to link to pictures of that. Oh, and thanks for the brownies just now. Miam!

  3. ddangers says:

    Kathy, I can’t compete with your repertoire! We’re mostly eating soups and side dishes… ! d

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